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The NFL Needs to Lighten up on Penalties for Excessive Celebration

Its better late than never (I guess). Word is that the NFL is finally starting to consider the possibility of easing up on the incidence of penalties for post touchdown celebrations! I say its about fricking time! Post-touchdown celebrations that don't involve the scoring team taunting its opponent (and 98% of them don't) only enhance the gaming experience for both the teams involved as well as the fans. Therefore, I fail to see the logic or the rationale underlying the basis for penalizing teams for engaging in post-touchdown celebrations. I mean, as long as its not as long-winded as a Bill Clinton speech, what's the problem? I hope that a decision is made in the affirmative rather quickly, with an immediate cessation of frivolous penalty calls. Why this even happened in the first place and has gone on for as long as it has is beyond me. But then again, didn't someone once say "The uptight will always be with you!"? If not, someone should have said that. I mean, the next thing you know the U.S. government is going to outlaw the world's oldest profession and betting on NFL odds sporting events and airline security will not allow you to bring soup, shampoo, or shaving cream onto airplanes!

We will see what happens with this matter. Hopefully the NFL makes the sensible decision.

Posted: Wednesday, 20 October 2010 10:53 PM

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